Literature for Doctors

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AAE Guidelines and Positions

AAE 2004 Case Difficulty Assessment Form
AAE 2004 Trauma Guidelines
AAE Fact Sheet Latex Allergy Patient
AAE Fact Sheet Patient Safety
AAE Fact Sheet Tooth Saving Tips
AAE Position Statement Lasers
AAE Position Statement New Technologies Materials
AAE Position Statement NICO Lesions
AAE Position Statement Use of Mouth Guards to Prevent Injury
AAE Position Statmement Latex Allergy
AAE Position Statmement Paraformaldehyde Filling Materials
AAE Systematic Endo Diagnosis
Bisphosphonate Associated Osteonecrosis
SBE Antibiotic Prophylaxis

Endodontic Literature

Antibiotic resistance endodontics
ASA Physical Status Classification System
Avulsed permanent teeth new treatment guidelines
Calcific metamorphosis
Cervical Resorption
Characteristics demographics orofacial pain population
Clinical application electronic apex locators
Conscious Sedation
Dental Imaging advances
Depression and dental health
Endo Morphology Chart
Endodontic rotary nickel titanium instrument
Evidence Based Care
Foundation restorations for pulpless teeth
Instrumentation 2 Rotary Instrumentation
Local anesthetics Part I
Local anesthetics Part II
Local anesthetics Part III
Location 2nd mesiobucca canal
Needle Stick Guidelines
Oral cancer Part I
Oral cancer Part II
Oral cancer Part III
Packable Resin Composites
Periodontal disease atherosclerosis coronary heart disease stroke
Pulpal periradicular diagnosis l
Pulpectomy phase
Temporization endodontically treated teeth
Trauma from occlusion
What is Orofacial Pain?